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URGENT: Stop FCC from Allowing One Corporation to Own Every Local News Source!


On November 16, without any input from We the People, the FCC will vote to consolidate the media in ways that could allow one corporation to own every radio and TV station in your town and the newspaper, too! This means that one corporation would have the power to dictate what information you get - and don't get - on our publicly owned airwaves. We must STOP this from happening, or the propaganda now being disguised as fact will go mainstream to every corner of the country every day, under the guise of respectability.
Customarily, the FCC calls for public comment prior to making such a significant rule change. Not this time. The Republican led FCC is trying to ram this through - without even telling you about it.
Here's how we MUST ACT:
1. EMAIL the FCC Commissioners! Tell them:
I oppose further consolidation of broadcast media and rules allowing newspaper/ TV cross ownership. Empowering just one or two corporations to dictate the news and information we receive in my community may be good for business, but bottom line, it will destroy democracy. Vote NO for more consolidation!
Ajit Pai, Chairman
Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner
Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner
Brendan Carr, Commissioner
Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner
2. Call and WRITE YOUR CONGRESSPERSON!  The FCC sets rules, but Congress makes the law. Let them know your displeasure and that for the sake of the Democracy, they must act to diversify media!
3. Our friends at Free Press promise to file a lawsuit to stop this. Begin supporting their effort by signing this petition, which will put you on their email list for updates. They'll need your help.  
There are so many ways our Democracy is currently being undermined, but allowing quasi-political forces to singularly control the message to hundreds of millions of people is the MOST dangerous. Please act now - for the sake of our country.
Thank you.