PRESS CONFERENCE - 1:35 pm Weds. Feb. 8, 2017

Radio Frequency 107.9 FM Goes Silent
Local Media Watchdog Explains the REAL Reason Why

Listen to radio frequency 107.9 starting Wednesday (Feb. 8) and all you will hear is the sound of silence.

Entercom Sacramento surrendered its license because of a ten year effort by local Emmy winning radio and TV producer turned media watchdog Sue Wilson and the Media Action Center to deny Entercom's privilege to broadcast for completely ignoring the public interest obligation of a broadcaster. 

Wilson and her attorney Michael Couzens will explain what really happened, why it has taken this long, and its importance to both the community of Sacramento and radio industry at a press conference 1:35 PM Wednesday in the Gold Run Room at Coloma Community Center, 4623 T Street in Sacramento.

"You cannot callously kill a mother of three (Jennifer Strange, in 2007) in a reckless water drinking stunt and then say you are serving the public interest," charges Wilson.

"Entercom makes it sound like it is surrendering its broadcast license (valued between $20 - 30 million) because of conflicts in ownership rules due to its pending merger with CBS Radio. The truth is, because of the gravity of the "Hold Your Wee for Wii" contest, Entercom Sacramento is currently facing a very rare trial at the Federal Communications Commission which would have taken away the KDND license anyway.

"The media giant needs to get this trial out of its way, or it risks losing all its licenses and the CBS Radio merger deal. But it's not quite over yet," said Wilson.

Watch video background from Wilson's 2009 documentary "Broadcast Blues":