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VICTORY!!! Entercom Relinquishes KDND License

Public Interest Victory Cites CBS RADIO Merger Issues, Not Petition to Deny Trial

February 3, 2017 - Entercom today filed with the FCC to relinquish the broadcast license of KDND, saying that because of its pending merger with CBS Radio, the radio giant would need to spin off four stations in the Sacramento market to meet with FCC ownership guidelines. The corporation made no mention of Media Action Center's pending legal case at the FCC to deny the renewal of that license based on the 2007 killing of Jennifer Strange in a water drinking stunt which defiantly disregarded danger to Mrs. Strange and to other contestants. The normal way to achieve ownership compliance is by selling, or promising to sell stations. Only the continuing hearing can explain the outright relinquishment of a license.

Says MAC Director Sue Wilson, "This is a huge victory for the Public Interest, and I am grateful that due to the loss of this key station, FCC compliance issues will be on the minds of this and every broadcaster moving forward. But to conclude that Entercom is the good guy here ignores the fact that rather than surrendering their license upon the FCC Hearing Designation Order, they have instead litigated this issue with a huge team of expensive attorneys. Only now that the FCC must approve the company's pending merger with CBS Radio is this mega corporation doing the "right thing."

"However, the Judge has not ruled on MAC's proposed enlargement of issues, including character, reporting, and cluster wide misconduct. These issues may reflect not only on KDND, but on Entercom Sacramento's cluster of licenses, and indeed on all of Entercom's licenses. We await the judge's decision."

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