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Who is the Don't Tell Clear Channel Band?

Who is the Don't Tell Clear Channel Band?

This story begins with Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce had given us permission to use his song "Your Hometown" in Broadcast Blues. But then the Boss released a new album and was embarking on his 2007-2008 Magic Tour, and his reps called to renege on the deal.  They said if Bruce played in Broadcast Blues, he would risk pissing off Clear Channel.  He was just embarking on the Magic Tour, and Clear Channel could retaliate by canceling the tour and not playing his songs on the radio. (Clear Channel dominates both radio stations and concert venues.) So no Boss in Broadcast Blues. (If Bruce Springsteen can't stand up to Clear Channel, who can?) 

Next, we needed an artist to perform the Broadcast Blues Theme Song, so we contacted some musicians in Nashville.  They said they could record the tune, but only anonymously, because if Clear Channel would ruin their careers if they found out.

In the end, we put together the anonymous "Don't Tell Clear Channel Band."

Who are the musicians? Keep guessing!

Listen to the Broadcast Blues Theme Song here on You Tube!