Media Action Center is a group of of concerned residents throughout the U.S. led by former Emmy-winning broadcaster turned media reformer Sue Wilson. We have successfully influenced policy at the Federal Communications Commission and at local TV and Radio stations throughout the country for more than a decade to ensure We the People are truly served by the publicly owned airwaves. (See the archive of our work under "older posts.") We successfully forced Entercom to give up its $13.5 million license to KDND for killing a woman in a radio water drinking stunt. We have a long-running action to label Alex Jones' radio show as the fiction it is, which has taken Jones' program off dozens of radio stations nationwide. We educated the Supreme Court in FCC v Prometheus Radio on critical information to #SaveLocalNews.

Please see MAC's 2018 Comment to the FCC (below) to learn why these actions are crucial to Democracy. Find full journalistic coverage of the Supreme Court case and our Amicus brief, Sinclair Broadcasting's shell game, Alex Jones, the Strange v Entercom trial and other public interest media issues at For background on how we arrived in this era of disinformation and what to do about it, see Wilson's 2009 documentary Broadcast Blues.

Media Action Center Files Amicus Brief at the Supreme Court in FCC v Prometheus Case

This Friend of the Court brief was filed December 23, 2020 on behalf of Sue Wilson and Media Action Center in the upcoming Supreme Court case FCC v Prometheus.

The Federal Communications Commission is trying to get blanket approval to allow one major TV station group (think Sinclair) to license two network TV stations in the same town. The regulatory agency (the FCC) say that means local towns will get better news coverage. However, a MAC survey finds that in markets where the FCC has already allowed such "duopolies," (against the order of the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals,) the station groups are not reporting additional news content in local towns. They are merely reporting one set of stories and then running that same set on two Network TV stations, and sometimes a third non-network station. Remember, when one big company controls two or even three local TV stations, it means women, minorities, really anyone except the existing deep pocket players can not have even one station. 

Our goal is to educate the Supreme Court Justices that this is happening right now in local TV, so they can determine whether the FCC is making the proper decision, and more importantly, whether the FCC should be allowed to make such decisions at all.

Scroll down this page for our survey results. 

See the brief here:   

Media Action Center Amicus Brief to the US Supreme Court

Photographic Evidence that TV Station Groups are sharing news content on multiple stations: