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FCC: KDND Must Go to Trial to Defend its License Over Water Drinking Contest Death

The Media Action Center is now spearheading the case to clearly define public interest obligations in broadcasting. (Please read the case below, you will see why it is so important.)  I am not exaggerating when I tell you this case will end up at the Supreme Court.  Very soon, I will be asking for your help, as we need to do this together. Stay tuned.


FCC Orders Hearing Over KDND License Challenge

October 28, 2016

     HUGE news! The FCC has ordered a hearing over the Media Action Center Petition to Deny the broadcast license of Entercom's KDND over the reckless water drinking stunt they carried out which took the life of Sacramento resident Jennifer Strange.
     From AllAccess Music Group:
"Harshly criticizing the licensee for its conduct, the notice contends that 'ENTERCOM’s actions relating to the Contest suggest an active indifference to the contestants’ safety, as evidenced by the negligence verdict and the licensee’s refusal, apparently at the direction of its parent, to warn the other contestants in the wake of Ms. STRANGE’s death, placing its corporate self-interest over their safety and well-being.'"

See: http://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/159176/fcc-designates-license-renewal-for-entercom-s-kdnd?ref=mail_recap

Tell Candidates: Threaten to Sue TV Stations Over Lying Political Ads

March 1, 2016

For years, I've been working on the "Public Interest Obligations" of broadcasters. What exactly does it mean that TV and Radio stations are required to "serve the public interest" as a requirement of their licensing? 

One issue I have written about over the years are political ads that blatantly lie to We the People over the very airwaves that are sworn to serve us. I've suggested that We the People start a class action suit against the stations, but have been told by attorneys that we have no standing to file such a case. 

But candidates themselves do have such standing, and I've just written an article about Ted Cruz threatening to sue TV stations over third party ads he says lie about him. Now that he has complained to the station, that media outlet will have to fact check the ad to make certain it is true, something they should be doing in the first case, given that TV stations stand to make $4.4 Billion in this 2016 election cycle alone.

So here's our action: write to candidates of your choice and ask them to threaten to sue the TV Stations over lying political ads. 

It's a simple and effective way to clean up our elections and take the bite out of the Citizens United teeth.

Holding Local Broadasters Accountable to the Public Interest - Film and Workshop at Occupy National Gathering 2014

July 31, 2014
For Immediate Release
contact: Sue Wilson

Holding Local Broadasters Accountable to the Public Interest -
Film and Workshop at Occupy National Gathering 2014

Friday, August 1, Sacramento area documentary filmmaker and activist Sue Wilson will screen her film "Broadcast Blues" and will conduct a hands on workshop at the Occupy National Gathering 2014 to teach people how to hold their local radio and TV stations accountable to their public interest obligations.  The workshop will focus on the intersection of money, politics, and profits from political advertising on radio and TV.

"Sacramento stations made more than $600,000 from political ads just in the 2014 primary season, and many of those ads are not even true" says Wilson. "Nationwide this fall, TV stations are expected to rake in $3 billion - that's billion with a 'B.'  We need to ensure all our local stations are providing us with factual political information, and not just Madison Avenue hype."

The workshop will be held in room 447 of the State Capitol from 10 AM to 12:30 PM.  The public is invited.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Gloats Over Zapple Decision

July 29, 2014

It has just come to my attention that GOP FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai wrote an oped gloating over the FCC's Zapple Decision.  Trouble is, he does not well understand the underpinnings of the decision.  Compare his piece here: http://www.redstate.com/2014/05/30/protecting-free-speech-fcc-regulation/   with the piece I wrote in the BRAD BLOG: http://www.suewilsonreports.com/2014/05/may-19-2014-originally-published-at.html
PS: I have asked Mr. Pai to speak with the FCC Media Bureau to get them to send me the decision.  It has been two months and I still have not received anything from the FCC about this.  This is especially significant when you realize that as a private citizen, I had to file the Petitions to Deny the Licenses of WTMJ and WISN on paper (via Federal Express.)  The corporate citizens Clear Channel and Journal Communications, on the other hand, had no such burden. They can file electronically.

FCC Mum on Zapple Decision

June 12, 2014
It has been nearly a month since the FCC ruled on MAC's "Zapple Doctrine" case, and I have yet to personally receive the decision.  (Friends notified me of the electronic ruling.) Apparently, the agency which continues to claim that we never filed a Zapple case doesn't think it has to send MAC its decision at all.  This despite the hundreds of dollars it took just to file the petitions to deny the licenses of WISN and WTMJ radio in Milwaukee. (Get this: the public must send four paper copies to the FCC to file such a case, three to remain at the FCC, and one to be returned to the Complainant as proof of filing. The corporations however, may file electronically, with just a push of a button.)
It's another example of how poorly this Federal agency is serving the public interest. As I have written before, as I have documented in Broadcast Blues, it's no surprise.  But we are not going away quietly, I assure you of that. What's it going to take? The Democracy's at stake!

FCC: Zapple Doctrine is Dead

May 12, 2014

It took about two years to get a decision on our Zapple Doctrine complaint with the FCC.  The FCC says that stations may indeed give unlimited amounts of free airtime to supporters of one candidate and none to the other.  

No real surprise here, but disappointing just the same.

We are pondering next steps.