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Petition to Deny Broadcast License of KDND - now online

November 4, 2013

MAC's Petition to Deny the broadcast license of Entercoms' KDND is now posted online.  Read it and then ask yourself whether the FCC should deny the renewal of Entercom's license to broadcast.  My view:  if the FCC won't take away a radio station's license for killing a woman, when will it?   What's yours?  Please comment.

What's Our "Agenda?" The Public Interest!

Who saw Bruce Maiman's oped in today's Sacramento Bee? 
In it, he defends a radio station which was found liable for the death of Jennifer Strange, a 28 year old mother of three children, directly caused by a reckless water drinking contest.  He believes KDND should retain its license to broadcast, and calls our effort to deny the renewal of KDND's license "bovinum excrementum."   Worse, he questions our real "agenda."
Our agenda is clear:  we are holding both the reckless broadcaster and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) accountable to public interest obligations.  The FCC is tasked with regulating all broadcasters to ensure they serve the public interest in their communities. But too frequently, the FCC favors the corporations they are supposed to be regulating and ignores the public they're tasked to protect.
Maiman mentions Sue Wilson's award winning documentary "Broadcast Blues," but it's out of context.  He obviously hasn't actually seen the film. 
But you can.    Join us and learn about your rights as the owners of the broadcast airwaves and find out what you can do to fix our media!
Thursday, Oct 10, Noon - 1 p.m.
Sacramento City College

3835 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento


September 24, 2013
Media Watchdogs, CA Common Cause to Urge
FCC to Yank License of Sacramento Radio Station
After Death of Listener in 'Hold Your Wee for a WII' Stunt
SACRAMENTO –  Media Action Center, in conjunction with the Sacramento Media Group and California Common Cause, is filing a petition to deny the broadcast license of KDND.  MAC's Director, Sue Wilson will personally deliver the legal documents to the FCC at its open meeting in Washington DC October 22.  

Charlie Sykes (and Rush Limbaugh) the same as Walter Cronkite? Just Say No!

Friday, May 24, 2013
Contact Sue Wilson  sue@mediaactioncenter.net  

Media watchdog charges that Wisconsin radio station legal claim to FCC that talk radio is 'bonafide news' could lead listener confusion
MILWAUKEE – Talk radio is not news – neither Charlie Sykes nor Rush Limbaugh is Walter Cronkite – argues a media watchdog after a talk radio station argued recently to the Federal Communications Commission that its local political talk radio shows are the same as "bonafide news."

Attorneys for Journal Communications' WTMJ-AM radio made that legal argument to the FCC in answer to a petition to deny the station's broadcast license for violations of the FCC's quasi-equal opportunity rule, or "Zapple Doctrine," said Sue Wilson of Media Action Center.

Media Action Center filed a petition late in 2012 with the FCC to deny the license because, during the Scott Walker recall campaign, WTMJ's Jeff Wagner and Charlie Sykes shows were proven to have given as much as a half a million dollars in free airtime to supporters of Republican Governor Scott Walker. The station specifically denied comparable time to supporters of his Democratic opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.  

 The FCC's quasi-equal opportunities rule (Zapple Doctrine) states that broadcasters must give supporters of both major party candidates comparable airtime.   Only "bonafide news" programs are exempt so they can cover candidates' events in real time. 

 "Bonafide news programs are specifically not allowed to politic for candidates," says Media Action Center Director Sue Wilson.  "Now is our one chance to make a stand for journalism. The FCC has a duty to the public to draw a clear line between news and opinion.

"If the FCC does not draw a clear line, radio talkers from Charlie Sykes to Rush Limbaugh will be equated with newsmen like Walter Cronkite, and listeners will lose any hope of ferreting out fact from fiction," Wilson added.

Media Action Center has launched a petition for public support, "Tell the FCC:  Talk Radio is NOT Bonafide News!"  Please click here to sign.

Thank you!


FCC 'Finds' License Challenge Pleadings to Yank WISN & WTMJ Broadcast Rights for Giving $1 Million in Free Airtime to Gov. Walker; FCC Staffer Still Claiming Original Complaint Missing

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
MILWAUKEE – The Federal Communications Commission has now admitted it has received the petitions to deny the renewal of the broadcast licenses of WISN-AM and WTMJ-AM radio stations – which would prevent them from broadcasting – after claiming they had not been filed, according to the Media Action Center.
MAC, a national media watchdog, announced in November it had filed paperwork with the FCC challenging the licenses of  Clear Channel's WISN-AM and Journal Communications' WTMJ-AM. It had hoped the FCC would act by Dec. 1.
MAC conducted a comprehensive study in May/June of 2012 – during the Scott Walker recall campaign – which clearly showed the two stations each gave supporters of Gov. Walker and the GOP about 80 minutes of free airtime daily on local talk radio shows, while refusing any access to supporters of Mayor Tom Barrett and Democrats whatsoever. In total, the two stations subsidized the Walker campaign with an estimated $1 million dollars in airtime. 
MAC now reports that after first saying they were never received, Peter Doyle, FCC Chief of the Audio Division, has confirmed MAC's Petitions to Deny the renewal of the broadcast licenses of WISN-AM and WTMJ-AM radio stations have been located and were filed on time, and the cases will proceed.  
But in emails to a third party, FCC Political Division Chief Mark Berlin claims the original formal complaint upon which the license challenges are based was never received, despite him personally sending MAC Director Sue Wilson confirmation it had been received.