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FCC Mum on Zapple Decision

June 12, 2014
It has been nearly a month since the FCC ruled on MAC's "Zapple Doctrine" case, and I have yet to personally receive the decision.  (Friends notified me of the electronic ruling.) Apparently, the agency which continues to claim that we never filed a Zapple case doesn't think it has to send MAC its decision at all.  This despite the hundreds of dollars it took just to file the petitions to deny the licenses of WISN and WTMJ radio in Milwaukee. (Get this: the public must send four paper copies to the FCC to file such a case, three to remain at the FCC, and one to be returned to the Complainant as proof of filing. The corporations however, may file electronically, with just a push of a button.)
It's another example of how poorly this Federal agency is serving the public interest. As I have written before, as I have documented in Broadcast Blues, it's no surprise.  But we are not going away quietly, I assure you of that. What's it going to take? The Democracy's at stake!

FCC: Zapple Doctrine is Dead

May 12, 2014

It took about two years to get a decision on our Zapple Doctrine complaint with the FCC.  The FCC says that stations may indeed give unlimited amounts of free airtime to supporters of one candidate and none to the other.  

No real surprise here, but disappointing just the same.

We are pondering next steps.

Petition to Deny Broadcast License of KDND - now online

November 4, 2013

MAC's Petition to Deny the broadcast license of Entercoms' KDND is now posted online.  Read it and then ask yourself whether the FCC should deny the renewal of Entercom's license to broadcast.  My view:  if the FCC won't take away a radio station's license for killing a woman, when will it?   What's yours?  Please comment.

What's Our "Agenda?" The Public Interest!

Who saw Bruce Maiman's oped in today's Sacramento Bee? 
In it, he defends a radio station which was found liable for the death of Jennifer Strange, a 28 year old mother of three children, directly caused by a reckless water drinking contest.  He believes KDND should retain its license to broadcast, and calls our effort to deny the renewal of KDND's license "bovinum excrementum."   Worse, he questions our real "agenda."
Our agenda is clear:  we are holding both the reckless broadcaster and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) accountable to public interest obligations.  The FCC is tasked with regulating all broadcasters to ensure they serve the public interest in their communities. But too frequently, the FCC favors the corporations they are supposed to be regulating and ignores the public they're tasked to protect.
Maiman mentions Sue Wilson's award winning documentary "Broadcast Blues," but it's out of context.  He obviously hasn't actually seen the film. 
But you can.    Join us and learn about your rights as the owners of the broadcast airwaves and find out what you can do to fix our media!
Thursday, Oct 10, Noon - 1 p.m.
Sacramento City College

3835 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento


September 24, 2013
Media Watchdogs, CA Common Cause to Urge
FCC to Yank License of Sacramento Radio Station
After Death of Listener in 'Hold Your Wee for a WII' Stunt
SACRAMENTO –  Media Action Center, in conjunction with the Sacramento Media Group and California Common Cause, is filing a petition to deny the broadcast license of KDND.  MAC's Director, Sue Wilson will personally deliver the legal documents to the FCC at its open meeting in Washington DC October 22.